TC Rubber Inc can provide your company with 2 different products.

Aerospace, Automotive, Industrial Construction, Military, Utilities...these are all industries that rely on having products that function to the highest of demands. Providing our clients with the right product for their formula to deliver to these industries is paramount. At TC Rubber, we’ll work with you to achieve level of product quality.


TC Rubber feels strongly that our products compliment your applications, providing you with the competitive advantage you require.


Please check out our product options by viewing them below. Then, give us a call so we can answer any questions and help you improve your product quality.

Treated Crumb Rubber
(Product #1302)


Crumb rubber is recycled rubber from automotive and truck scrap tires. During the recycling process steel and fluff is removed leaving tire rubber with a granular consistency. The result is a rubber that can be mixed within existing natural rubber to create a product with greater tensile strength at a significant cost savings.


They key to this cost savings and increased strength is using our treated crumb rubber. We can provide your company with a pre-mixed ready to use product.  

Crumb Rubber Adhesive - Stand Alone Product
(Product #1301) 


We call it our "Secret Sauce" but our stand alone crumb rubber adhesive is the heart of integrating natural rubber with crumb rubber.​ If your company already utilizes crumb rubber and currently has a supplier you can purchase our crumb rubber adhesive as a stand alone product.

Using this treatment process enables ground rubber to cross-link chemically with other rubber. The user can then incorporate high concentrations (30% to 60%) of crumb rubber in their rubber compounds. Raw material costs can be reduced by 20% to 50%. Reconstituted Rubber products prepared for plastic applications are used at concentrations from 10% to 90% to modify and/or extend thermoplastic materials.

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