TC Rubber Inc is located in Burnsville, MN in a 20,000 sq. ft facility with extensive manufacturing capabilities. Our recycled rubber and can be engineered to specific performance, wear or cost objectives for unique applications, chemical formulations or product specifications. EVR improves cost-performance ratios without functional compromises encountered using “rubber dust” and inorganic fillers. Our experienced rubber chemists work with customers to address any formulation or processing concerns.


TC Rubber Inc. is manufactured with raw material vulcanized waste streams employing its perfected reactivation technology that produces a fully compounded product, is environmentally friendly having no emissions or waste discharge and recycles 100% of materials.

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Our products have been used in the automotive, housing and packaging industries for more than 25 years. With the introduction of the Reconstituted Rubber product line we have become a major supplier of raw materials to the molded rubber and plastics industry. If quality assurance is important to you, its everything to us.


All Reconstituted Rubber products conform to rigid product specifications.


Typical tests for each lot include sieve analysis for particle size distribution. For thermoset and thermoplastic applications, we perform rheometer tests on samples from each lot. Statistically representative samples of all Reconstituted Rubber products undergo tensile, durometer, elongation and tear strength.

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