A paradigm shift in recycled rubber usage.

TC Rubber is a company with a long history in the use of rubber and the manufacture of rubber products. We offer a thought shift in the field of recycled rubber, also called tire cycle or crumb rubber. We have developed unique processes in the world of rubber reuse and the results are better products than with the original rubber. The chemistry breakthrough allows for a major shift in the “GREEN” nature of rubber production. The beauty is that there is a significant cost savings as well as environmental savings. The acceleration of Reconstituted Rubber will also mean the gradual clean-up of a world filled with enormous tire dump sites.


The use of our proprietary treated crumb rubber contains many advantages. Chief among them is the ability to create rubber products with less natural rubber. 

Additionally when used correctly our treated crumb rubber and specially formulated recycled rubber treatement can enhance the strength of your rubber products.


If quality assurance is important to you, its everything to us. All Reconstituted Rubber products conform to rigid product specifications.

Our value proposition comes down to delivering solutions that don't compromise the end result of your rubber products.

Recycled = Green

Every time you use a product made out of recycled material, you are saving precious natural resources, such as trees, water, and electricity. You're also preventing pollution that would have ended up in the air and water.


Recycled rubber is one resource the is virtually limitless and provides significant environmental value.